Kenshin was known throughout the land as "Battousai the Manslayer" during the revolution but vowed to Tomoe that he wouldn't be a manslayer after the Revolution, and so he became a wanderer. After, he met Kaoru and started to live at her place. He was born a peasant under the name Shinta, with no family name. Kogoro Katsura, the leader of the division he fought in during the Boshin War that gave him the family name of Himura, and Shinta was renamed to Kenshin by Seijuro Hiko after Hiko saved his life and took him as an apprentice. Kenshin got the scar on his face from two different sources. The vertical portion he received first while fighting Tomoe's fiance, Kiyosato Akira. Then the horizontal scar was made by his betrothed. He was fighting someone, and as he was dealing the death stoke, she got in the way, and as she was dying in his arms, she picked up her dagger and added the line to make the cross. In the manga, the dagger was knocked from her hand and coincidentally made the cut.