Megumi Takani likes to tease people and has some interest in Kenshin, which Kaoru does not like at all. When she first appears, she seems cold-hearted and selfish, but later on we see her true self, a young woman who is lost in the world, searching for her family and friends. Megumi usually acts stouthearted, but she is actually just trying to hide her loneliness and the guilt she holds in her heart. She blames herself for the spreading of a new type of opium, and the deaths the opium caused. Her family was prestigious in the medical field for generations. They treated all their patients, disregarding any class difference. During the Aizusensou, all of them except a young Megumi went to the battlefield to fulfill their roles. As a result, Megumi's father was killed, and Megumi was separated from her mother and her two brothers. She was left alone in the world to fend for herself.